Why should you join PSU.tv? – Kate Karna

I’m sure as we started college we were all overwhelmed and frustrated with finding somewhere to fit. I know I had no clue where I fit into Portland State, but I luckily stumbled across PSU.tv. I could just recommend joining because of the gear, because it is why I first joined like most people. Having access to nice cameras and equipment allow your personal projects to shine, but by being involved in the shows I realized there was a larger benefit to joining.

PSU.tv is a group of people that trust each other both artistically and personally. It serves as a supportive community in the middle of a competitive field; instead of making something better than your fellow students, you learn how to create the best possible video with a group. The skills of communicating and operating equipment professionally allow for any student that to have a leg up when looking for a job. Every friend I have brought down to the office has become more involved, because there is just so much opportunity to learn and connect with other great filmmakers. Personally, I had a hard time feeling confident in making film since I transferred from a community college. It’s hard to network and learn everything you need to alone and by relying on classes, and it’s even harder when you only have 2 years to do that. PSU.tv has given me a platform to be a camera operator, director, and producer for one show in less than 2 terms.

More than anything, I would recommend joining because everyone will help you become the best filmmaker you can possibly be. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen the directors help members with their personal films. If you want to be challenged, supported, and heard in the Portland film community I have one recommendation: PSU.tv.

Why should you join PSU.tv? – Kate Karna

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