Students are taking part in a team building experience unlike any other. This weekend, the 16th and 17th, PSU’s 24:00 Film Festival will challenge students to produce a film 3 minutes or less in total length. They have all formed teams and registered for the festival, but they have from 7PM the 16th to 7PM the 17th to write, direct, shoot, and edit their films. A showing will then take place just one hour after final films are received by the festival organizers.

For more information, email with “24:00 FF” in the subject line.

Did you know that participates in the 48 Hour Film Festival every summer? We do, and we have witnessed the challenge and wish our fellow students luck this weekend as they attempt a production in half that time.

This segment features’s 48 Hour Film Fest final edit from this summer 2012. We welcome students who would like to share their films on our website. Just email with “Film Share” in the subject line, include a link to short film, and we will send you a confirmation.


Team Building Never Looked This Good!

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