Movie Review: The Snowman

My Rating 3/10

The Snowman: This will go down as one of those movies where the trailer is actually better. In fact, many of the lines and a few scenes in the trailer weren’t even in the final cut (like the featured image above this post). What a truly disappointing thing to witness. It felt like director Tomas , who previously did “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” just read the back cover of the source material and ran with it. On the technical side of things so much of this was pure failure. There was some decent cinematography, but the nightmarish level of editing ruined any potential for truly great shots. At the very least, the score fit. 

The acting was alright at best. Michael Fassbender did an excellent job with the poor script he was given. Rebecca Ferguson was a bit forgettable. J. K. Simmons was completely underused. Then there’s poor Val Kilmer… He just looked depressed throughout the whole thing. The worst part is they dubbed his lines and didn’t execute the sound synchronizing properly. Simply a mess of a movie. 

Somewhere in the middle of the third act we see Rebecca Ferguson’s die, or probably die. It is assumed that she is dead. However, in the book the character she plays totally lives and gets to move back to her hometown. Tomas Alfredson did say that he was unable to film about 15% of the script, so maybe there was a scene that showed her living. Though, she seems pretty dead. There was a great movie in here somewhere, and it’s unfortunate that no one was able to find it.

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Movie Review: The Snowman

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