At we strive to build community for film makers and provide opportunities to let their stories grow at whatever stage they may be in. We created Presents to help students realize their films, whether they only have a spark of a story or an edited feature.

If your film is complete, that’s awesome we’d love to exhibit to our website and television show’s audience! You can easily submit it below!

If you are at earlier stages of production you can get things rolling by setting up a meeting to pitch your project so we can examine how to best expand your ideas. You will be able to send crew calls to our membership network, access equipment, and learn any skills you need to bring your film to fruition. If your film is in its later stages or finished, we can help you market your film through our distribution channels. These include, our website, our presence on cable television, and partners’ film festivals.

From writing to distribution students can find resources to expand their skills, audience, or crew and realize their film with Presents.