Featured on February 12th 2013, Brownish Black performed at Portland State University, a Live @ Lunch performance to remember!

Portland State Professional Sound (PSPS) has brought the student community the Live @ Lunch concert series for many years now. The live music performances take place every Tuesday and Thursday 12-1PM fall through spring term at Portland State University. Bands typically perform in the park blocks, but if the weather’s not cooperating, you can find these bands in the Parkway North room of Smith Memorial Student Union just next to the cafeteria.

Winter Term 2013 Live @ Lunch schedule:
1/15 Wil kinky
1/17 Sorry Devils
1/22 Tigress
1/24 The Lower 48
1/29 The We Shared Milk
1/31 Wes Phillips
2/5 Josh and Mer
2/7 Fanno Creek

2/12 Brownish Black
2/14 3 Leg Torso
2/19 Animal Eyes
2/21 Jesse Stern Trio
2/26 BearCubbin
2/28 Old Age
3/5 Just Lions
3/7 The Hoons


Portland State University Television (PSU.tv) has recognized the value of the Live @ Lunch concert series and jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with PSPS. You can see the LIVE stream every Tuesday and Thursday 12-1PM by visiting psu.tv/psu-tv-live/. Although the live streaming capabilities of PSU.tv are relatively new, we plan to refine production and add more value to the overall presentation of the video.

PSU.tv will post an edited version of the live performance on their website (psu.tv) and include an interview with the band at the end of each show. Interviews will be hosted by Amanda Martin-Tully. This is the perfect opportunity to share the performances with students, the local community, and to offer bands the opportunity to promote their band, share stories, talk about their genre, and whatever else they decide to share with us after the show!

Production Credits:
Portland State Professional Sound (PSPS) pdx.edu/professional-sound/
PSU Television (psu.tv) psu.tv
Camera Operator: Dana Henson
Technical Support: Jyunmi Hatcher
PA & Quality Assurance: Corey McEuin
Producer: Justin Brown
Host: Amanda Martin-Tully

Portland State Presents – Live @ Lunch – Brownish Black

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