Portland International Film Festival – 2014

The 37th annual Portland International Film Festival ran from February 6th-26th this year, showing films from Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises to Wajma, an Afghan film. This year the festival’s theme is “look the world in the eye,” a play on the diversity that the Northwest Film Center promotes. Luckily PSU.tv was able to receive press passes to this year’s PIFF and graciously attended the Opening Night Party. Check out the food, and interviews from everyone who worked hard to put this years fest on!

For more information about the Northwest Film Center, take a look below!


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  • Mari

    So, I just got back from the festival, which I atnedted with both Kevin and Colin. There were some pretty strong entries, including a Mockumentary featuring Daily Show regular Ed Helms, and a slick future vision called Smart Card which clearly had serious production values behind it. I Will Destroy You stood out as one of the few sci-fi pieces, rather than Horror the other theme of today’s shorts, It drew a great audience response, especially the triple take on the hero’s initial leap. One of only two animated pieces (the other being a funny, but somewhat stiff and slow Computer rendered piece about a woman who kills everything around her) it provided a breath of fresh air in a festival marred by amateur actors woodenly delivering mostly lines.I’d never seen the short before, but was really entertained by it. It’s anime-esque content actually caught me by suprise, and I wondered if people who had never met you might consider it the work of one of those anime consuming japan-o-phile fan boys. Just a thought.Had a nice connection with your folks too.

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