Pacific Rim Uprising

My Rating – 7/10
Is there really much to expect from a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters? Well unfortunately due to the surprisingly good nature of the first “Pacific Rim” there are pretty high expectations for the sequel. Steven S. DeKnight’s directorial debut was a decent one, but it holds no water to Guillermo del Toro’s version. The cast did a pretty good job, but it just didn’t feel the same without Charlie Hunnam. Luckily, even without Hunnam, John Boyega was able to carry the film for the most part thanks to his charisma. However, the rest of the power rangers-esque cast didn’t really do much aside from adding to the cheesiness of the overall film. 

The action in the film was a ton of blockbuster fun. The added visual effects were almost just as epic. A lot of the fight sequences in the first portion of the film were very well executed. Though, after the sort of predictable plot twist the movie the line between fun and too ridiculous gets a bit blurred. 


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Pacific Rim Uprising

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