This is PSUTV’s original edit from the 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP).  The film project took place over a period of 48 hours (August 2,3, & 4) and included 20 cast and crew members at the peak of production on Saturday August 2.  This is the third consecutive year that PSUTV registered as its own team for the 48HFP.

As part of the 48HFP there are specific requirements as stated below.

Each team…

  1. Must produce a short film between 4-7 minutes in length.

  2. Pulls a genre from a hat and writes a script under that genre.

  3. Is given a character name they must use, in this case “Kasia Nordenstrom, Environmentalist”

  4. Must include a line of dialogue, “I’m sure that’s not what they had in mind”

  5. Must include a prop, in this case, something with the #10 on it.

For more information about the 48HFP check out their link here

PSUTV would like to thank everyone that helped to make this years PSUTV 48HFP possible!!

“Oil’s Well That Ends Well” PSUTV’s (2013) 48HFP Original Edit

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