Hello PSU.tv Fans!

This last weekend was a rush, to be sure!  PSU.tv just participated in the 48 Hour Film Project and walked away with not only a film, but some new friends as well.  This annual team building event is by far the best way for any student to get up and running on a real film production!  This year, we had 19 cast and crew members, two of which participated last year, and the rest were all new to the 48HFP.

That said, it gives me great pleasure to bring PSU students an amazing team building opportunity such as this.  And, the students walk away with inspiration to go on and work together on future films and or projects together.

Enjoy the trailer, and we hope to see you at the premier!!




~Justin Brown

Manager, PSU.tv



Tickets are $9.00 and can be purchased by visiting hollywoodtheatre.org

“Oil’s Well That Ends Well” – PSU Television’s (2013) 48 Hour Film Project

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