Movie Reviews: Super Dark Times

My Rating 9/10
Super Dark Times: This is a truly nerve-racking thriller. Typically in a thriller pacing is everything, and director Kevin Phillips uses pacing perfectly. The film keeps the audience anxiety filled for most of its runtime. Phillips sets the bar high for himself with this directorial debut.
Unfortunately, the writing isn’t quite on par with the direction. The screenplay is a little juvenile, which I guess can work since the main cast are all teenagers. However, the writing still could have been better. The somewhat shocking and rather violent ending is also semi-spoiled midway through the third act. Instead it should have been written to have the ending be a complete surprise. Luckily, the cast does a well enough job to make up for the shortcomings.
Image: The Orchard

Image: The Orchard

The most amazing part about this movie though is the cinematography. It is incredible when a small independent film looks just as dazzling as big budget block busters like “Dunkirk” and “Blade Runner 2049.” Cinematographer Eli Born deserves a lot of praise.
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Movie Reviews: Super Dark Times

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