Movie Review: The Villainess

7.5/10 – My Rating

The Villainess: Director Jung Byung-gil creates some of the greatest action sequences of 2017 in this South Korean film. The visual style of the film is also one of the most interesting of its year. The camera is always movie but never in a jarring way. There are also some great POV sequences allowing for a “Hardcore Henry” feel.

The performances in the film are also very strong. Actress Kim Ok-bin proves herself to be a strong action hero without needing to become a femme fatale. Her character is all about revenge and kicking butt. The supporting characters and villains are all fleshed out and well used as well. There are almost no needless characters.

However, the biggest downfall in the film is the multilayered, overly complex story. There are so many flashbacks, plot twists, and even plot u-turns that it makes for a confusing time. Granted, it might be easier to follow if I spoke the language. The movie will probably have most needing a few watches to fully grasp the story. Luckily, the fight scenes are so well put together that rewatches will be fun. 

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Movie Review: The Villainess

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