Movie Review: Suburbicon

My Rating – 4/10

Suburbicon: The Academy Award nominated director George Clooney has six films under his belt. Three of which have been received well and three that have not. Unfortunately, this falls into the latter three. It’s also probably his worst film. Seeing as this movie is based off of an old Coen Brothers’ script that they didn’t want to direct, it should have just been left in the writers room.
There was genuine potential for a great film here. However, that great film was lost in the muddiness of a lot of different barely connecting subplots. This tried to be a film about racial issues, but it made no sense in the main narrative. It tried to be a comedy crime thriller like “Fargo,” but missed its mark. 

Matt Damon plays his part well even though the character wasn’t likable. Julianne Moore gave a pretty bad performance. The saving grace as far as actors go is Oscar Isaac. He was wonderfully zany, but he was in it for such a short amount of time that he couldn’t save this disaster. Though, it’s not all bad if you like set design… 




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Movie Review: Suburbicon

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