Movie Review: Ready Player One

My Rating – 9/10
This is just an absolute adrenaline rush of pop culture. For the readers out there the movie doesn’t follow the book to the letter, but director Steven Spielberg is able to capture the spirit of Ernest Cline’s novel pretty well. The plot may feel a bit rushed and there might be some unneeded exposition in places, but overall the film works. It may not touch Spielberg’s best work, but it does belong in the upper half of his filmography. 

On their own the two leads, Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke, played their parts with excellence. However, when it came to their romantic chemistry… it was a little forced. Ben Mendelsohn, who seems to be becoming type casted as a big budget bad guy, played a very menacing villain. The supporting parts were strong as well. 

The best parts of the film, however, weren’t the characters or the story, but the absolute whirlwind of nostalgic fun. The amount of references will force rewatches for any of those who love anything “retro.” Along with that, the visuals brought about so many epic sequences that are bound to have any nerd in the audience smile uncontrollably. 
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Movie Review: Ready Player One

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  • Micah Read

    Saw this film before anyone else in Portland, and read the book before that… I told the guy from WB and the theater manager from Tigard that this “was the best new Steven Spielberg movie I’ve seen,” as I really didn’t like “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” at all, but had the best theatrical experience in a long time with this movie.

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