Movie Review: Paddington 2

My Rating – 9.5/10

Paddington 2: “The Empire Strikes Back” now has a rival for best movie sequel. Director Paul King (Paddington) is back and brought a rare moment with him. This film belongs in the category of sequels that are better than the original. It is still baffling to think about it because the original was already outstanding.
The audience continues following Paddington on his misadventures. This time he is trying to find the perfect birthday gift for his Aunt Lucy. The only thing that stands in his way is a master of disguise, Phoenix Buchanan. Along the way Paddington meets many new people that he hopes to call friends.

The cast of this film is perfect in every way. Ben Whishaw once again provides the voice for the talking bear. Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins play the friendly Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Brendan Gleeson is absolutely hilarious as a chef Paddington meets along the way. However, the standout in all of this is the film’s villain. Hugh Grant’s shapeshifting Buchanan is a joy. He embodies exactly what a family friendly film villain should be.
The visual effects are stunning. The camera work feels like something you’d see in a Wes Anderson picture. The music is fantastical. Then the costume design is the icing on this already delightful cake. Everybody should see this movie. 

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Movie Review: Paddington 2

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