Movie Review: Mother!

(5/10) – My Rating

Mother!: This is a film that starts off strong and ends on an off note. For about the first half of the film, writer and director Darren Aronofsky gives the audience interesting takes on Biblical stories, family dynamics, and fame. The horror-thriller elements are also very strong in this portion of the film. However, in the middle the story starts to become frantic and all over the place. Then the end comes around. Aronofsky wants to make a point about religion or humans relationship with nature, but he does so in the most shocking and disgusting way.

Outside of Javier Bardem’s character “Him” none of the performances really stood out to me. Jennifer Lawerence did okay. She didn’t act poorly, but she’s done better. Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer both were fine as well. Then the rest of the supporting cast and cameos were just there to cause problems quickly and leave soon after.
The technical elements weren’t very strong either. The cinematography was jarring and shaky. The score was very typical of horror films (a scare the audience with loud stringed instruments sort of thing). Some of the makeup was very well executed, but it gets a bit cartoonish in the end. The visual effects were pretty minimal, but also cartoonish. The sound in the movie was very effective though and played a part in the story.
There is an audience for this movie… I’m just not in it 

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Movie Review: Mother!

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