Movie Review: Justice League 2017

My Rating 7/10

Justice League: It’s fun, but it’s a mess. It is hard having two directors with totally different feels direct the same movie. Zack Snyder (director of “Watchmen”) started the project and Joss Whedon (director of “Marvel’s The Avengers”) finished it. It was unfortunate that Snyder had to step down from the director position following the events of a family tragedy; hopefully he is able to release a directors-cut during the home release of the film. Bringing in Joss Whedon seemed like a good idea to finish the project seeing how successful both “Avengers” films are. However, the tone difference between Snyder and Whedon shows on screen.

Some of the writing was a bit poor as well, though it worked for a majority of the film. Gal Gadot still plays an awesome Wonder Woman coming off of her feature film early this year. Ben Affleck’s Batman shifted from his brutality in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” to being a sort of Superman fan boy in this film. Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher both did fine as Aquaman and Cyborg, though the biggest surprise was Ezra Miller as Flash. He definitely made the film more fun.
The technical side of things was hit and miss as well, which is expected with two directors. The special effects worked in some areas, but in most it’s pretty easy to tell the CGI wasn’t finished in the way it should have been. Danny Elfman’s score was nice because it adds in some of the retro superhero themes. Overall, it certainly felt like two different individuals films, but it has enough action and humor to work. 

**mini spoiler**

Henry Cavill’s upper lip CGI is just about as bad as his dialogue.

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Movie Review: Justice League 2017

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