Movie Review: Isle of Dogs

My Rating – 9.5/10

It may not be the best from Wes Anderson, but it showcases all the best aspects of his filmmaking. His overly eloquent speeches and comedic timing are fully present in this film. However, the story is certainly quirkier than some of his other stuff.


To some that could be a bit off putting, but to fans of Anderson it’ll be something to love. It also might help if you love dogs.


Anderson uses his typical cast, as well as some newcomers, rather wonderfully. Bryan Cranston definitely brought all the bark and bite that he could muster for his role as Chief. Other standouts were Jeff Goldblum as Duke, Greta Gerwig as Tracy, and Frances McDormand as Nelson. My personal favorite was Edward Norton. His ability, as Rex, to deliver such long words into such a short amount of time is hilarious to listen to. 
As expected from a Wes Anderson film, the world’s design was intricate and incredible. All of the animals and humans were so detailed. The sets were all so colorful and pleasing to the eye. The cinematography made everything so symmetrical. Then lastly, Alexandre Desplat’s score brought everything to life. 


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Movie Review: Isle of Dogs

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  • Mary Collier

    I might have to see this one, I didn’t pay attention and see that this was a Wes Anderson Film.

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