Movie Review: Ingrid Goes West

My Rating 8/10

Ingrid Goes West: Matt Spicer’s comedy drama thriller is certainly an interesting one. It tells the story of a young woman (Aubrey Plaza) who is obsessed with Instagram. So much so that she is willing to stalk people. The whole thing works a great social commentary about how much phones and social media can control someone’s life. As well as how the need to become viral is almost as important as breathing to some people.

The whole cast in this film did great. Plaza hasn’t taken the lead spot in many movies, but she held her own and showed a rather insane side. Elizabeth Olsen is having a great year for herself. Earlier she took charge in “Wind River,” and here she plays the supporting role as the Instagram celebrity. The biggest surprise of the film was O’shea Jackson Jr. He had the most charisma out of anybody in the film. 

The technical elements are where this film starts to fall flat. None of it was bad, rather just very standard. The score didn’t really seem to fit the film, and was just an underused element. The camera work was fine. However, it’s the story and the character that matter most in this film. 

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Movie Review: Ingrid Goes West

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