Movie Review: Good Time

(7.5/10) – My Rating

Good Time: Directors Josh and Ben Safdie’s neon filled crime drama is certainly one that will be talked about by its fans for a long time. They portray an interesting underground world where one of the film’s central points is a Sprite bottle. To the characters the bottle is practically the Holy Grail, where most bystanders would just see it as a plastic bottle. The story is very strong throughout, but as soon as the climax hits the movie ends (rather abruptly too). There is no falling action or clear cut conclusion. There is some semblance of closure, but it feels like there is something missing.

The acting overall was incredible. Robert Pattinson gave the single greatest performance in his entire career (one that makes me excited to see what he does next). However, while great the entire supporting cast was severely underused. Barkhad Abdi played a security guard that was barely seen. Jennifer Jason Leigh played Pattinson’s love interest which was a relationship that had little to no context or importance to the plot. Co-director Ben Safdie also acted as Pattinson’s brother who is critical to the narrative, but is only seen for 10-15 minutes. That being said, in that time he does do an excellent job of getting the audience to feel for his character.
The technical elements were all pretty strong. The heavy reds and blues made for some beautiful lighting. The cinematography was closeup and cramped, which added with the loud synth heavy score made for strong tension building. Overall, the movie was very well executed, but there are a couple scenes that would make most uncomfortable. 

Note: I had heard many, many great things about “Good Time” before sitting down to see it. So, it is possible that I just expected more after it had been built up, which ultimately lead to my disappointment in the film. 

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Movie Review: Good Time

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