Movie Review: A Ghost Story

My Rating 8/10

A Ghost Story: This is one of those strange films where I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s one of the best films I’ve seen that I wouldn’t really recommend to many people. Writer and Director David Lowery (who previously did the 2016 “Pete’s Dragon”) creates such a haunting atmosphere (pun intended). The film is about loss and closure and sort of a physical manifestation of the phrase “time heals all wounds.” It’s odd how much emotion can be carried through a film with so little dialogue.
For most of the film the audience follows a silent Casey Affleck disguised as bed sheet with two eye holes or rather a ghost. It sounds like a funny gimmick, but it isn’t. The ghost is a very dramatic character. For not being able to see his face there is just so much hurt to be seen. Rooney Mara who portrays Affleck’s on screen wife also gives a great performance. In fact, probably one of the best in her career. She also eats a lot of pie…
The cinematography is very well done. The aspect ratio and the filters made all the scenes look like old polaroid photos, which helped express how important memory and time was to the plot of the film. The melancholy music fit the film perfectly as well. This movie is not for everyone, but those who do connect with it will certainly view it as a favorite.

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Movie Review: A Ghost Story

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