Movie Review: Darkest Hour

(8/10) – My Rating

Darkest Hour: This was a great way to end the Dunkirk trilogy (not an actual trilogy but see “Dunkirk” and “Their Finest”). Director Joe Wright does an excellent job with telling the story of Winston Churchill. The movie follows along Churchill from the day before he is announced as Prime Minister to sometime after the Dunkirk evacuation.

Gary Oldman’s performance is bound to captivate most everyone in the audience, but few may be bored by the amount of monologues. Oldman has yet to win an Academy Award, but it is going to be quite a challenge to keep him out of the winners’ circle for this one. The rest of the cast performs excellently as well. Ben Mendelsohn is very strong as King George VI. Lily James is wonderful in the role of Elizabeth Nel. Simply strong performances all around.
All the behind the scenes work is top tier. The makeup on Gary Oldman is incredible. He becomes entirely unrecognizable as himself and only can be seen as Churchill. The score was lovely. It built tension when it needed to, but it didn’t overdue it. My personal favorite part was the cinematography, which is easily some of the best of the year. 

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Movie Review: Darkest Hour

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