Movie Review: Cars 3

(7/10) – My Rating

Cars 3: After the vast difference in quality between the first two I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the third part. Luckily, the film is closer to the original than the truly disappointing “Cars 2.” Director Brian Fee’s third chapter in the franchise takes Lightning McQueen back to the the race track, only this time he is older. McQueen must deal with newer, younger cars taking victories away from him, and ask himself whether or not he should retire.

The film adds two new main characters into the mix: Jackson Storm as McQueen’s new rival and Cruz Ramirez as McQueen’s new trainer. Unfortunately, this throws all of the original crew in the back seat and are used in a very limited way. The movie is also used to remember Paul Newman who played Doc Hudson in the first film, as there are many parallels between McQueen’s aging and Doc’s life.
Overall, the movie was just okay. It was a lot more of stuff we had seen in the previous films. Lightning McQueen’s character arch has some closure, even though I don’t doubt Pixar will someday attempt a Cars 4. The deeper themes are presented in ways that would make sense to the child audience. It’s the superior sequel, but the original is still better. 

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Movie Review: Cars 3

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