About Membership

Becoming a member of PSU TV comes with many benefits and rewards, but there are a few small requirements so organization may continue to succeed. These are outlined as follows:


  1. Access to PSU TV Equipment: (Including: HD and 4K cameras, Audio Equipment, Lighting, Editing Workstations)
  2. Access to Network of Filmmakers
  3. Valuable Opportunities to Gain Work Experience
  4. Access to Training Programs


  1. Must Commit to at Least One Role in a Project for the Term
  2. Must Attend Monthly Membership Meetings

We understand that everybody has a busy schedule, we are all students, but if you fail meet these requirements you will loose your access to Member Benefits for the rest of the term. This is just so we can deliver the content required of us to keep the Organization moving forward.

Sign Up

To get going, sign up on Orgsync! Our Volunteers Director will connect you with a project producer. After that, stop by room S21 in SMSU and come to our monthly meetings!