Movie Review: Marshall

My Rating: 7.5/10

Marshall: This biopic courtroom drama directed by Reginald Hudlin tells the story of a case Thurgood Marshall took on for the NAACP. Chadwick Boseman did an excellent job portraying the future Supreme Court Justice. He made sure all of the audience eyes were on him by giving off such a commanding presence. Josh Gad also gave a great performance as the lawyer helping Marshall on the case. Good performances can’t be said for the whole cast however. Kate Hudson felt very out of place in the film. She didn’t really have the look or the accent down for what the film was going for.

Aside from the acting, the technical aspects hit their mark. The cinematography felt a bit too polished, but it didn’t take away from the overall story. Marcus Miller’s score jazzed up the story giving the viewer a feel of the time period. The set design and costume design worked towards doing that as well. Overall, the movie works, but it may have worked better as a limited series TV show. That way more personal things about Thurgood that were just hinted at could be more expanded upon.

Written by: Aaron Clausen

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Movie Review: Marshall

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