Live Broadcast of Summer Cannibals at Music Millenium

The Show – Music Millennium

On April 8th at 7pm will be streaming Summer Cannibals’ live concert from Music Millennium. This concert is free for all ages and will be a part of KPSU – Portland State’s College Radio’s 20th anniversary celebration month of April!

The Band – Summer Cannibals

Summer Cannibals is an alternative rock back voted Portland’s “Best New Band” by the Willamette Week. Their riot girl punk rock sound has critics raving at SXSW and back home. You can expect to hear some songs from their newly released album, Show Us Your Mind at this show. This highly regarded album is said to inspire listeners to walk with an aggressive swagger and become an “earworm,” that will replay in your head over and over again. Partially responsible for this is the band’s lead Jessica Boudreaux’s voice. Her endearing style is bound to inspire you to rock out. This is illustrated in the music video for the headlining track off of Show Us Your Mind, “Something New.”

The Live Stream:

If you are as stoked about this upcoming show as we are, but you can’t make it to Music Millennium, don’t fret. You can tune in to to see the entire concert! Harness your inner punk star, and don’t miss this awesome show.

Live Broadcast of Summer Cannibals at Music Millenium

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