A new, intimate, and live music series in the gathering area of the PSU Native American Student & Community Center intended to unite the Portland State’s campus life & rejuvenate PSU’s arts & culture scene.

This event took place on Thursday, April 4, 2013 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm
FEATURING: Béisbol –
Ryan and Jeffery Burian are Béisbol, a progressive pop band currently rooted in Portland, Oregon. The brothers were born and raised in sunny Southern California. Most recently Jeffery was living in the East Bay trying his hand at production, engineering records for friends, collaborating with other musicians, and recording lo-fi electro-pop covers of Four Tops songs. Ryan was in Flagstaff, Arizona where he took on the role of singer/songwriter. He was also exploring recording and mixing techniques and nursing a love for electronic music. As time passed the two realized they wanted the same thing from their lives: to rock. Having gone down different roads and arriving at the same destination, the two got to work on new material, their first real collaborative effort in ten years. They recently completed an EP for which they played every instrument. Written, self-recorded, and mixed in a travel trailer on the side of their parents’ house over the course of a month, the Real Diamond EP is slated for digital release in October 2011 with two singles to be released on limited edition 7″ vinyl. The duo are currently working tirelessly on their debut full length, “Lo-fi Cocaine.”

This unique event series is co-presented by various PSU student publications with the intention of providing an artist-first (not crowd) oriented event, to expose under-credited artists, and to strengthen PSU’s campus life with united student media outlets. Each event will feature an intimate living room-esque evening concert session with one entertainer. The entertainer will not play on a stage, in the corner of the room, or in a venue layout catering towards floor space. This event requires that the artist perform centered, playing outwards in the middle of the gorgeous Native American Student and Community Center gathering area, and circularly surrounded by an audience. The audience circling around the performer will be able to enjoy the show sitting on the floor with bean bags, yoga mats, and rugs. The audience may also hang out seated in a ring of chairs or standing around the performer. Each PSU student publication group will contribute documenting the event and enriching the available experience for PSU students.



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KPSU, PSPS, PSU.TV, & Guayaki present Campus 360°, featuring Béisbol

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