Movie Review: The Foreigner

My Rating 8/10
The Foreigner: Ever wonder what it’d be like if Jackie Chan was in a Daniel Craig style James Bond film? Well this is probably as close as that’s going to get. Revenge stories have been around forever, but when done right they can be incredibly entertaining. Director Martin Campbell (who also did the Bond film Casino Royale) makes this story entertaining in all the right ways.
Seeing a reserved and yet very emotional Jackie Chan character was very refreshing. Usually his action packed stunts are paired with comedy, but this time they’re paired with pure vengeance. Pierce Brosnan, who played the film’s villain, also did a fairly decent job. He sort of had the typical “I’ll get away with this” action villain feel, but it didn’t take away from value of the film.
Though this wasn’t a perfect film. Cliff Martinez’s score felt very out of place. It was an 80’s synth sound that belongs in movies like Blade Runner, but not in movies like this. Many of the supporting characters were also rather blandly portrayed, but that was okay-ish because Jackie Chan was going to kick their butts anyway.
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Movie Review: The Foreigner

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