Movie Review: Blade Runner – 2049

Blade Runner 2049: Best movie starring Ryan Gosling and a piano ever! It also is by far the most visually stunning film of year. “2049” does a good job of connecting the story to the original “Blade Runner” without making it entirely necessary to have seen it. However, it probably helps.

Director Denis Villeneuve deserves a lot of praise for making a sequel to the original cult classic work. Although I think the main praise deserves to go to the director of photography Roger Deakins. Deakins has yet to win an Academy Award for best cinematography, but has been nominated 13 times. This year is his year. 

The only thing that bothered me about this movie was the under-use of most of the supporting cast. Three short films that act as prequels to “2049” were released a couple weeks before the feature films release. The short films do give more context to certain supporting characters, but it would have been nice to learn about these characters without having to watch shorts on YouTube. However, it did get rid of needless exposition in the film. 9.5/10 is my personal rating of the film.

Written by: Aaron Clausen

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Movie Review: Blade Runner – 2049

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  • Mary Collier

    Thanks for the review. I will have to look up those YouTube videos before going to see this movie.

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