About Annual Film Projects

The Annual Film Project is our is our largest production of the year. This project gives students the opportunity to write, produce, direct, shoot, and edit a feature film, which is an opportunity many people don’t get until years into the industry. Being apart of this project, students have the chance to learn how to work on a large team and how to work on a film set in a semi-professional manner with high quality equipment. While this project is demanding, it provides students with work they can use for their portfolios and resumes. Overall, it is a production that seeks to empower students to produce professional quality work; it is a collaboration between students from the Portland School of Theater + Film, the School of Art and Design, and the School of Music. It puts them in a unique position of serving both the student community at Portland State and the broader professional community of Portland and the Pacific Northwest.

Current Annual Film Project: Karen Doesn't Dream

Teaser for KDD —– Karen, an insomniac, becomes addicted to eerie, disturbing videos of people sleeping. As she indulges, her life spirals further into chaos.