A dance party that took place in the ballroom at the Smith Memorial Student Union, coordinated by Justin Cate from Portland State Professional Sound, has potential to make a comeback if the students so desire.
Produced by PSU.tv
Hosts: Lucila Epple, Kaitlin Lawrence
Camera 1: Jyunmi Hatcher
Camera 2: Justin Brown
Senior Editor: Justin Brown

80’s Dance Party

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  • psu.tv

    It looks sooo good! Both Justin and Jyunmi did a fabulous job in this segment. We all had a great time and we really hope more students like the idea of 80’s night. We want it back!!! So if you are one of those who wants to have 80’s video dance attack on campus, let us know. You can comment here 🙂

  • James H

    I have been going to the Crystal Ballroom parties since I turned 21. It is always a fun night and I had no idea they were doing it at PSU. So, YES, I vote for it. When is the next one?

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