PSU Televisions mission is to bring its audience member’s visual stories that inform, educate, and entertain.  The following video is raw and unedited footage captured on Tuesday November 20th between 6-8PM in the parkway north room of the Smith Memorial Student Union building at Portland State University.  The content of this video is intended to inform the student community and those who may have wished to attend the forum but were unable.  Although there were some obvious audio and video issues, PSU Television desires the opportunity to continue improving our services and providing the student community with the best possible coverage of forums such as these that are both relevant and compelling.

PLEASE NOTE:  The run time for this video is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Due to technical difficulties, PSU Television was unable to capture Mr. Zerzan’s introduction contained in the first half hour of this forum. PSU Television apologizes for the enconvenience.  This video coverage does not reflect the beliefs of PSU Television staff.

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Photograph cover for this video segment was taken by MILES SANGUINETTI/VANGUARD STAFF

Unedited Video Coverage: Public Forum on Campus Armed Security

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