interviews the PSU Men’s Soccer Club to find out more about this exciting sports club. Find out what they are up to this year and their plans to become a varsity team soon.

PSU Men’s Soccer Club

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  • Jacqueleen Rae

    This turned out to be a great segment. Thank you so much to Jamey Berg and Corey Lewis from the Men’s Soccer Club for you willingness to participate. To Tyler and Robbin my camera crew, To Ladan for hair/make-up, To Ryan for editing this piece, and To Justin for supporting me in producing this segment. Fantastic work everyone.


    Jacqueleen’s a great example of a reporter ready to get involved, she made the contacts, scheduled the interviews, requested that people assist her in the production, and the available members made an effort to assist and bring it together. I look forward to celebrating our successes at the end of the term!

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