Portland State University is participating in the TBS National College Comedy Competition. All the colleges across the nation compete against each other to prove who is the funniest. Vote for Portland State University!!!!!


April 9th – 13th

Reporter/Camera 2
Justin Brown

Camera 1/Editor
Tyler Bertram

PSU College Comedy Competition

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  • j. Brown

    Not a bad edit, this gets the word out… go out there and vote you vikings! I think you can go and vote every seven minutes or something crazy like that, make it happen! PSU Vikings rule!

  • Laura McNamara

    Go Portland State!!! Between this, Leverage, Grimm, and Wheel of Fortune, downtown Portland is getting BIG.

  • J.M

    I have watched this video a few times, I liked the music, and I think PSU.tv was the only one to cover this event, bravo! Go PSU!

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