30 Seconds You Can’t Get Back is a new absurd, irrational, and nonsensical comedy show guaranteed to waste your time, 30 seconds in fact. Brought to you by PSU.tv volunteer members, this new show was painfully drawn up, analyzed, restructured, redesigned, contemplated, and thrown out many times prior to its implementation.

Here at PSU.tv we look to diversify our content for you our audience, while offering PSU.tv volunteer members the opportunity to explore their creative interests. The create minds behind the 30 Seconds You Can’t Get Back show would greatly appreciate your feedback, comments, and thoughtful criticism. The show is experimental, funny, and maybe even thought provoking… you be judge, and ….
….that’s 30 Seconds You Can’t Get Back!

“Overzealous Petition Gatherer” – 30 Seconds You Can’t Get Back

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