Electric cars haven’t really hit the market, that is, nothing has really caught our attention until now. Of course you may be familiar with the Tesla Model S, but unless you stay tune to the latest news and technology, it’s possible that you haven’t seen a Nissan LEAF up close.
PSU TV had the opportunity to take you inside the Nissan LEAF for a test drive and have a glimpse of the future of west coast travel.
Not sure why the west coast is so special or even Portland for that matter… watch and enjoy!

Nissan LEAF test drive

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  • J Brown

    I usually get tired of watching my own edit after hours of refining the video, but I believe I watched this at least twenty times after the final edit. Getting to a point where the segments are informative and easy to watch is a personal goal. Thank you for the comments and be on the look out for future segments much like this one!

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