Have some fun, win some prizes, and get healthy by stepping up to the challenge!
May 1-31st Portland State University is having a friendly biking competition. So hop on a bike and ride on over to biketopsu.com

Bike to PSU Challenge

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  • J.brown

    Good word out to the students about a sweet opportunity. I wonder how many students already bike and where they are biking from? Those numbers would have been interesting to look at.

  • Aaron Lyle

    I can’t believe they’re giving out a brand new bike every single week this month. I’m stoked on this!!

  • Sarah Freeter

    Being a new mom that’s back into the “college scene” again after just having a baby, I joined the challenge so that 1. I could get my body back into shape and 2. build a sense of comaraderie with the other students and faculty members who are participating as well. Like the guy says, it’s so great to just get your heart rate up everyday and breathe the fresh Portland air 🙂

  • HOTLIPS Pizza

    Hey team pedal bear. Jeffery and HOTLIPS worked out a special deal for your team but all I have is an email for him which says he is out on an emergency. Can someone call me so we can get this out to the team.
    Janet Huttula
    HOTLIPS Pizza

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